Chery Tiggo 2 tips


At first I was just delighted with this car. The car is under warranty, while the cost of repairs is unknown, since it did not break. The engine seems to be pulling, but it seems that it was crushed by European standards. The manual transmission works well, although sixth gear would not fit on the track. But there is also a minus, when landing 5 people, at the slightest bumps, the shock absorbers begin to beat. On swedkostі vede to do good for yourself, on obgіn without problems, on our roads pіdvіska in the world of zhorstka. This is the truth, about Tigo 2, no one will tell the G car about this. The assembly and paint are neat, the doors close easily and almost silently, like on expensive cars. I am pleased with the rear view camera, I got into the car without a camera with horror I realized
that half a year forgot how to park. Only used cars were available. more 01/08/2018 Almost half a year has passed since the purchase of the car, the car has traveled 13,000 km. Previous car Daewoo Sens. In general, although the car is small, everything here is like people’s, there is climate control, I was pleased that all windows are equipped with automatic closers. How can this be on a modern car? There is no longitudinal adjustment of the steering column either, on a car with a manual transmission it is not very convenient, and with an automatic transmission such cars were not on sale in our region at that time. When I drive alone, the dynamics are good, but with a full load the engine is already working at its limit. There is not enough space in the saloon for speeches. The ergonomics are so-so, when you drive around the city for short distances, it’s normal, but after a few hours behind the wheel, your back gets tired and your legs
numb. If they do something somehow, then here they had to fray their nerves before they started doing something. Very nice, good equipment and at the same time relatively inexpensive. Great car for the city, and not only. Almost half a year has passed since the purchase of the car, the car has traveled 13,000 km. Since it is very hot here in summer, I took white, it heats up less in the sun and looks good in combination with a black plastic body kit. Yes, it’s beautiful, the equipment is good, it rides well, despite the modest engine, but ergonomics definitely needs to be improved. The suspension is comfortable and handles potholes well. The car is under warranty, while the cost of repairs is unknown, since it did not break. In terms of volume, it seems to be normal, but strongly protruding wheel arches limit the volume, you can’t put big things. In general, for myself, I have not decided on the final assessment of this car. The interior is elegant, but the red inserts do not go well with the main color of the car and the plastic is cheap and hard everywhere.

Chery Tiggo 2 tips

The car was delivered two months ago, having already traveled 3 thousand, automatic transmission. Noise isolation of the wheel arches is poor, but the motor itself is quite quiet. Alas, not all equipment works properly, for example, tire pressure sensors are constantly buggy. 06/30/2020 Great car for the city, and not only. 07/05/2017 The car arrived two months ago, having already traveled 3 thousand, automatic transmission. Gasoline consumption on the run-in on the highway was 5-5.5 liters at a speed of 90. Previous car Daewoo Sens. On the track very good road holding and excellent handling! High ground clearance, economical consumption, automatic works fine. When the speed is more than a hundred kilometers, the noise from the side mirrors. If I have two children, then the upholstery is often messed up, I can say that cleaning is one hundred percent easier. First impressions after purchase are only positive. The car picks up speed in jerks for a hundred shrug, as it should be, but give 3200 and this is far from a complete set of stocks of this mountain car. Very nice, good equipment and at the same time relatively inexpensive. In terms of equipment and convenience, there are no questions at all, the car has absolutely everything you need! The camera and parking sensors help a lot when reversing. In the future, I will try to share my impressions further. Average fuel consumption is about 7 liters per 100 km. The only thing I didn’t like was that there were no mudguards, and there were no seals at the bottom of the doors, as a result, the thresholds are constantly dirty. I want to clarify, before that I took Emgrand EC-7 from the salon, at the optimum, 6 years of operation, not a single breakdown. 07/07/2020 I want to share my impressions of operating Cherry Togo 2, I took it in 19 in Kharkov. In principle, the machine is satisfied, it is worth the money. Blagod. more Thanks to the high landing, the feeling that you are in a big car. Forward visibility is good, backward visibility is worse, since the glass of the tailgate is very small, but parking sensors and rear-view cameras help out. With the advent of snow and rain, I discovered an unpleasant thing, water drips in the cabin at the place where the visors are attached, a leak appears on sharp turns. To put it mildly, the car is not very good, there are a lot of jambs 1 box howls, for everyone. more On the track it holds the road very well. more Instruments are almost like on the latest Peugeot models, beautiful, but unusual. What can I say, people’s hands should be torn off along with their heads. improvement. At the same time, the car https://cars45.com/listing/infiniti/ex/2009 drives normally. At first I didn’t pay attention, and the car dealership manager, a parasite, didn’t say anything about it, but it turns out there is no adjustment for the height of the driver’s seat. It easily connects to a smartphone and can use its content. First impressions after purchase are only positive. I want to share my impressions of the operation of Cherry Togo 2, I took it in 1919 in Kharkov. For tall passengers, the car will not be more comfortable. I hope that was the problem. As a result, they didn’t really find anything, except that the roof rails were not lit, they even put the screws on the ground. The backs of the rear seats fold, but with an angle of 20 degrees. Even on expensive cars, such advanced technology is rarely seen. There is a lot of space in the back, but the seats are also uncomfortable. The chassis is very soft, but at the same time you feel pretty comfortable both at low speeds and at high ones. Lateral support looks to be there, but in practice it is too soft to perform its function. And it’s expensive for a Chinese car. Excellent brakes. 05/14/2019 At first, I was simply delighted with this car. They have a push-out back, weak padding does not hold the body well. I thought it was condensation, but when the interior lighting started to fail, I went to the officials. To put it mildly, the car is not very good, there are many jambs 1 the box howls, for everyone, 2 immediately flew hydraulic, :changed under warranty, 3 for spare parts prices Cosmos, 4. On the road, you can do good for yourself, on the outskirts without any problems, along our roads, you can move forward. more Only white and red cars were available. The ceiling light under warranty ordered a new one. Handling is excellent, great ground clearance. What to say about the trunk? He is. A very good multimedia system with the ability to fully connect your smartphone to it. What I liked right away was a multimedia system with navigation with a large and bright touch screen. The front seats are clearly unsuccessful. I like everything about the car, no complaints! After TO0, I turned on the gas, I was pleased that the consumption of both gasoline and gas is almost the same, the difference is a maximum of half a liter. Outwardly, the car is beautiful, the interior is spacious, beautiful, it’s good to sit high, good visibility, the music is not bad, the running gear is moderately elastic, fuel consumption, no matter how hard you try to drive around Kyiv, is less than 11.5 liters. it doesn’t work, automatic transmission is generally a nightmare, especially up to 50 km / h. rides, always pulls, doesn’t know which gear to turn on, it feels like the engine lives its own life, and the automatic transmission of its own, the stove radiator broke by 30,000 thousand, in sport mode, when starting off, it can even stall, there is vibration at idle and nothing can be done. The light of the headlights is received. At 8000, the tip rattled, in order to change it under warranty, you have to pay for maintenance, 3200 hryvnia, 5.