Private Sector Development in Africa

In order to help develop the African business environment, international organizations and the JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) are cooperating with African governments in developing (and supporting) the private sector. Support is given for developing not only basic infrastructure including electricity supply, roads and transportation systems, and water supply but also soft infrastructure such as legal systems, regulatory reforms and the financial sector that are the base for facilitating economic activities. Whether the business environment has been developed and whether the process of such development is proceeding smoothly will be important for future investment decisions.

Private sector development is an area where Japan’s proactive contributions and Japanese experts positive participation are expected. The Japanese government is a major contributor to the Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (FAPA) that was created at the African Development Bank to proactively support private sector development.

This section will provide information about the progress in key private sector development that seems important for Japanese people’s and companies’ future business expansion and about activities in which Japanese people and companies have participated and are expected to participate proactively. Infrastructure development will be covered by the “African Infrastructure Development” section.

Information related to African Development Bank Group

Seminar ” Transforming African: AfDB’s Long-Term Strategy and the Prospect of the Private Sector Development in Africa ” (Held on 13 Oct 2012)

Program (in Japanese)

-Presentation materials

『Supporting Africa’s Transformation』

African Development Bank : A Partner to Invest in Africa’s Future 』

-Summary (Reprinted from THE AFRICA SOCIETY OF JAPAN’s organ “AFRICA” spring issue of 2013-No.1) (in Japanese)

“AfDB Strategy for 2013–2022 – At the Center of Africa’s Transformation”

“Supporting The Transformation of The Private Sector in Africa”  (in Japanese)

EPSA:Enhanced Private Sector Assistance for Africa between the Japanese government and AfDB  (in Japanese)

*Conceptual diagram  (in Japanese)

Prime Minister Abe’s speech about African policy (Stating an increase of EPSA) At the AU headquarters /Ethiopia, 14 January 2014

FAPA:Fund for African Private Sector Assistance (in Japanese)

*List of FAPA cases (in Japanese)

Activities of JICA for developing and supporting private sector

Côte d’Ivoire: Toward a “Second Ivorian Miracle” (JICA Annual report of 2013) (in Japanese)

Enterprises of IFC for developing and supporting private sector