Risk Response and Control

Starting up businesses is accompanied by risks. Particularly, business operations in Africa as a developing region featuring dynamic changes are likely to encounter events that cannot be assumed for operations in Japan, Western developed nations or Asian countries. Including such likeliness, uncertainties and great risks are inevitable for Japanese companies planning business operations in Africa.

Therefore, it is important to make preparations for avoiding unexpected damage and minimizing damage upon the emergence of risks.

Given that best practices have been accumulated for various areas like fundraising, payment settlement, accounting, legal work, dealing with governments, security and cross-cultural communications, advice and services by experts in various fields may be utilized to enhance risk control arrangements.

This section will welcome and provide information about the availability of experts’ knowledge, lessons learned from actual experiences and professional services regarding how to respond to and control African business risks.

Risks examples for success in overseas expansion (Liaison Committee of Supporting SMEs in Overseas Business) (in Japanese)

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Provided information from enterprises supporting risk management