Japanese Companies Participation in Development Projects

African development projects are financed by official development assistance (ODA) including grant aid, technical aid and soft loans from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and JICA, soft and other loans and grant aid from international development organizations, and other public funds including loans from JBIC. The Japanese government has encouraged Japanese people and companies to proactively engage in these development projects. Many Japanese people and companies have accumulated rich experiences mainly with projects covered by JICA grant aid, soft loans and technical aid and by JBIC loans. There are a rising number of cases where Japanese companies participate in development projects in Asia through international competition. Meanwhile,such cases in Africa are still fewer and are expected to increase in the future.

In this section, we expect that Japanese companies and consultants participating in African development projects, as well as JICA and JBIC, will introduce specific cases. The AfDB will also provide specific cases for Japanese firms’ and experts’ participation in these projects and useful information for such participation.

Activities of development consulting enterprises

IC Net Limited: Activity achievements (in Japanese)