Infrastructure Development in Africa

Infrastructure development is the base or premise for facilitating economic activities and the top priority area in African development to which the greatest efforts and resources are contributed. Most of the financial aid from international development banks, JICA soft yen loans and grant aid, and JBIC (Japan Bank for International Cooperation) investment and loans are destined for infrastructure development.

Electricity supply, roads and water supply are the three most essential components. As social development and public services demands are advanced in Africa, diverse infrastructure projects are ongoing in various areas including urban environment development, transportation networks, communications, clean energy, water purification, agricultural water, education and healthcare. Public and private sectors cooperate in various ways in planning, preparing for and implementing projects and in operating completed infrastructure. Japanese companies are expected to demonstrate their great performance in areas where they have advantages in technologies, services or financial capacity.

This section will provide an overview of African infrastructure development, and information on how JICA, JBIC and the AfDB are involved in African infrastructure development and specific infrastructure development projects in which Japanese companies are likely to have interests.

Report of Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa(PIDA) of AfDB

JICA’s Contribution to Africa for infrastructure development

Broadband infrastructure development of JICA in Africa (video) (in Japanese)

Tanzania, Rwanda: The Project for Construction of Rusumo International Bridge and One Stop Border Post Facilities (ODA White Paper of 2012) (in Japanese)

Kenya: Technical Cooperation for Geothermal Development started (JICA Annual report of 2013 ) (in Japanese)

Botswana, Zambia: Construction of the Long-Awaited Kazungula Bridge in Southern Africa (JICA Annual report of 2013 ) (in Japanese)

Record of projects for African infrastructure development of JBIC (in Japanese)

Infrastructure development enterprises of African Development Bank Group (Japanese staff of AfDB) (in Japanese)

Relevant projects

Grant aid “Sudan: Juba Road Bridge Improvement Program”

(Reprinted from “International Development Journal”, issued in April 2012) (in Japanese)