Technologies and Projects Contributing to African Environmental issues

Activities of Japanese enterprises and organizations

(links below are all in Japanese)

– Water related area

Nippon Poly-Glu Co., Ltd.. “Water supply and job creation by depuratives”

(Reprinted from Nikkei BP mook “African Business” (edited by Nikkei Business), issued on 5 September 2013)

Yamaha Motor Company “Pure water change African life: Small type water‐purifying device     ’Yamaha clean water system'”

(Provided on 23 January 2014)

Yamaha Motor Company “Small type water‐purifying device with solar photovoltaic device and    stand-alone water supply system by drip irrigation device for rural area”

(Reprinted from “International Development Journal”, issued in February 2012)


METAWATER Co., Ltd.. “Delivered on-vehicle water clarification apparatus”

(Reprinted from “The International Development Journal” Issued in October 2012)

–  Other environmental area

Toray Industries, Inc. “tree‐planting project of desert and devastated land by using roll planter”

(Provided on 14 January 2014)

OSA Japan “Introduction of environmental projects In Kenya”

(Provided on 3 January 2014)

LIXIL Corporation “Proposal of resouce-recycling green restroom ‘Infrastructure-free unit’

(Provided on 15 January 2014)

Information related to African Development Bank Group

African Development Report 2012- Towards Green Growth in Africa

Full report (English version)

Overview (English version)

Overview (Japanese version)

AfDB  and the Global Environment Facility(GEF)


Relevant projects

(links below are all in Japanese)

“Horn of Africa” area: Assistance for Enhancing the Region’s Resilience to Drought

(JICA Annual Report 2012)

Burkina Faso: The Project for Enhancement of Water Supply Infrastructure Management and Hygiene and Sanitation in the Central Plateau Region

(JICA Annual Report 2013)

Gabon: Conservation of Biodiversity in Tropical Forest through Sustainable Coexistence between Human and Wild Animals

(ODA White Paper 2012)

Tunisia: Valorization of Bio-resources in Semi Arid and Arid Land for Regional Development

(ODA White Paper 2012)

Senegal: “Provide pure water to 150,000 peoples, contribute to sanitary condition improvement and poverty reduction”

(Reprinted from “International Development Journal”, issued in July 2012)