Human Resources Development for Supporting African Business

Human resources development is an African development area to which Japan has given priority and is called on to contribute. At the Fifth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD V), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the “African Business Education Initiative for the Youth,” or “ABE Initiative”, offering to create a program in which 1,000 African youths will be provided in five years with opportunities to learn at universities or graduate schools and work as interns in Japan, to foster industrial human resources for creating 30,000 jobs in five years and to invite African administration officials for promoting public-private partnership.

In this way, schemes for contributing to developing human resources supporting African business are expected to expand. In this area, it is important for Japanese business people to provide their experience-based knowledge. Japanese experts and companies are expected to participate in these human resources development schemes to make progress in public-private partnership.

This section will provide information mainly on progress in the preparation and implementation of human resources development through public-private cooperation. As business expansion itself leads to human resources development (including human resources development of public sector that support private sector-led growth), we will proactively provide specific model cases for human resources development efforts of Japanese companies expanding into Africa, including the Toyota Kenya Academy as introduced at TICAD V.

Apart from African human resources development, the recruitment, employment and training of Japanese people aspiring to engage in African business and Africans who have studied and stayed in Japan are also important challenges for advancing African business.

If requested, we will post recruit information of African business in the section of recruitment of African business and projects

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