About AB-NET

The African Business Promotion Support Network (AB-NET) was established as a portal website through public-private partnership to contribute to promoting private sector-led growth, that is key theme of TICAD V, by promoting business between Japan and Africa.

Basic information about AB NET

The objectives of establishment

AB-NET was established to allow information that will help promote African business to be made widely available to Japanese enterprises and entrepreneurs who are engaged in or interested in business in/with Africa. This website is a portal website that was established through public-private partnership and managed by a network with the same name “African Business Promotion Support Network”. In this portal website, we provide various information regarding African business.

-On the Creation of the African Business Promotion Support Network

Provided information

We introduce information that supports African business contributed by associations and organizations engaged in African business promotion. The information will be organized by time series, theme, organizations that provided information and countries.

Details and Policy on Theme-by-Theme Information

Information provider

Basically, we provide information contributed by associations and organizations that undertook providing information regarding Africa through this portal website continuously.

Each organization providing information have cooperated webpage in this portal website. In the cooperated webpage, all information provided by each organization will be shown. Links will be provided in each organization’s webpage to make it easier to search and access to African business information. Also, African business information provided by individuals, who are not member of the organizations, can be put in AB NET. Especially we will welcome self-introduction from enterprises that are engaged in business in Africa, “on-the-spot information” and proactively providing information for “Surveys, Analyses and Papers on African Economies and Business”. In addition, we accept posting request for “Photo Gallery” and “Information and business matching”.

– Request for posting information in AB-NET

Access to information

Information provided in our portal website can be accessed by anyone. By subscribing to our mail magazine, not only you can receive messages of latest news regularly, but also you can join in our own information network of the portal site. We will also provide seminar/events information, information query and business matching information by our e-mail newsletter.

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The African Development Bank External Representation Office for Asia is in charge of creating and managing this portal site for the time being.

We edit provided information, issue mail magazine, and for this, we contact each organizations providing information.

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Updating List of Japanese enterprises engaged in African business

To contribute to development and amplification of business community network that consist of person engaged in African business, we edited and published “List of Japanese enterprises engaged in African business” in January 2014.

This list only shows provided information from enterprises and common knowledge. Non-public information is not included.

The list will be updated in series. Please contact Ms.Umemoto (contact as below)  if there are any additional or unrenewed information, misconceptions and deficiencies.



Africa Business Partners

Yukari UMEMOTO (Ms.)

+81- (0) 80-5078-6411

yukari.umemoto @ abp.co.jp