Nike AIr Max Battle: China vs. China Originals


Nike AIr Max Battle: China vs. China Originals

I have been fond of shopping for a long time because of the “hillock”. And at the same time, I am a big fan of the Nike Air Max line of sneakers. Spring came and I found that my Nike Air Max 90 was not doing well with the appearance, and I began to think about where I should update my sneakers. The choice fell on TaoBao, I had almost no experience with this store, but I was not afraid, and placed an order https://tonaton.co.tz/c_meals-and-drinks through one of the intermediaries.

My treasured Nikes took about 3 weeks and today I received them. From the very beginning, I didn’t like everything, the packaging was bad, dirty, smelly (sorry I don’t have a photo because I threw it out in a fit of anger)

But further more, in the box I found a very low-quality copy.

The fact is that even the last is significantly different from the original, the nose has a sharper shape.

The seams don’t seem to be that bad, but there is some glue and unevenly cut fabric.

The Chinese didn’t seem to have miscalculated about the size, they ordered 275 mm, and they came like that (well, almost like that, there is a difference of 2-3 mm).

But most of all, I did not like the smell of these sneakers, despite the fact that they stood in front of an open window for almost a day, the smell did not go away.

And this is how they sit on the leg

In general, I am extremely dissatisfied with this package, besides, it cost me 1700 rubles (700 rubles sneakers 300 delivery in China 700 courier delivery to the door). Yes, it was possible to save 400 rubles on delivery, but still.