Knitted hat made of mink fur


Knitted hat made of mink fur

Hello everyone.
Today my review will be dedicated to the hat. Sometime at the end of November, when I found out about "Black Friday" on Ali’s website, I decided to look at it. And I watched a lot of things, I wasn’t looking for something specific. My eye was drawn to a mink hat and its price itself. See for yourself what came out of it.

The hat came to me in 28 days. I find it very fast. Packed well, and it is unlikely that there can be broken)) The weight of the package was a little less than 100 g.
Dimensions in a circle about 48 cm, maximum height about 21 cm.

I ordered black, there was also a dark brown color. I liked the look of the hat. I carefully examined it, it turned out to be knitted with threads, something like acrylic with a rope made of natural mink fur woven into it. Knitted neatly, there are no protruding threads. When trying on the village is excellent, does not press. I can say it runs well.


I have been wearing it for 2 weeks already, the fur does not crumble, does not climb, the hat does not lose its shape.
This hat was tried on by my relatives, surprisingly, everyone liked it and was to the face.
Overall impressions of the purchase are good.
-carefully made
-universal style
-warm (up to -15 without hood)
– natural fur is used
– the skin of the forehead is slightly translucent when worn, but this is not very noticeable.
— in very frosty weather it can freeze in it (-20 for example)
In my opinion, I found more pluses, and considering that I liked the hat, I consider my purchase successful.